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Teaching Your Preschool Child about Flowers

Posted on 04-04-2017

Flowers are one of the most beautiful parts of nature, but they’re not here just for looks. You can teach your preschool child these four ways that flowers impact our environment for the good of the world around us.


Flowers and other plants produce oxygen, which is one of the things that we need to breathe! Not only do they produce oxygen, but they take in carbon dioxide, which is what we breathe out. The flowers give us what we need, and then absorb what we exhale to keep the air clean for us. We wouldn’t be able to breathe if it weren’t for flowers! Point these things out to your child as you’re walking through a garden.


If the world was just black and white with no variation of color or vibrancy, we would get bored with nature very quickly! Flowers were made in all sorts of shapes and sizes to enhance the beauty of nature and to show the order and care that was put into growing all 2.5 million different species of flowers. Flowers make the world beautiful, and your child needs to know how beautiful they are!

Pollen for bees to make honey

If there were no flowers, we wouldn’t have honey! Did you know that bees use pollen from flowers to make their honey? Bees digest the pollen and then digest it in a special part of their bodies to make it into honey. Sometimes, the honey will taste like the flowers that the bees used. You can find special kinds of honey like chamomile or lavender honey that was made exclusively from those flowers.

Enrich the soil through decomposition

Lastly, when the life of a flower has ended, they will decompose into the soil and provide vitamins to the soil that will aide in producing other plants that can produce fruits and vegetables for us to eat. The flowers make the soil better, and better soil means more food for us! Flowers are an amazing part of nature that serve so many special purposes. Go out today with your preschool child and pick some flowers together to remind you of all the ways that flowers help to make your life better.

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