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Raising an Introverted Child

Posted on 12-02-2016

Some kids are quieter than others. That’s okay. (Actually, sometimes, that’s a huge blessing!) Our culture values ambitious, charismatic people, thinking they would make better leaders. In fact, that has little to do with success. What matters is character and emotional intelligence. Often, quieter, more introverted children can be more emotionally intelligent than louder, more extroverted children.

All this means that if you see your child sitting off in the corner by herself, don’t fret! She might be just observing her surroundings, trying to take it all in. Hypersensitive children like her are more internal thinkers, and they need to get away to process things. They might need quieter surroundings where they can process.

Have you ever had a friend who needed to verbally process something or vent to you? Well, quieter, more sensitive children aren’t like this. They need time to themselves to think it over before they release their opinions or their emotions.

Shyness and sensitivity are still viewed as positive traits in countries like Japan and Sweden where citizens are not as success-driven as Americans. Interestingly enough, employers are now valuing Emotional Quotient over Intelligence Quotient. Why? Because employees respond better to understanding and empathetic managers and are more willing to work harder for people that value employees and their well-being over profit and fame. It’s a win-win situation.

Sensitive, quiet children build whole worlds in their heads. They’re typically avid readers and end up in successful places later in life. So, make sure your quiet child has plenty of alone time and space to process their own universe, and be patient when waiting for their world to come alive!

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