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How to stimulate your child's brain development in Fort Mill, SC

Posted on 06-30-2014 | Jennifer Miles


Extensive research has shown that the right forms of stimulation during your child's first five years of life can build your child’s brain. A healthy and strong brain can form the foundation for future growth. With such a far-reaching influence, brain development activities should be a priority for parents and caregivers. Here are the top ways of ensuring that your child gets the best start in life:

  • Be loving and responsive: Touch, smiles and positive responses to your child’s needs teach your child about trust, which is key to maximizing learning. When your child feels safe and loved, he is more open to new experiences, challenges and information.
  • Discipline is a teaching moment: Limits that help rather than punish your child are more effective at channeling constructive behaviors and limiting unacceptable ones. Patiently explain to your child the consequences for their behavior as well as the proper way to behave.
  • Reading, speaking and singing to your child: From lullabies and sing-alongs to story time and baby talk, your voice is one of the best sources of learning. With these interactions, your child learns language, communication skills, builds memory, and better understands concentration and vocabulary. Children who regularly have this interaction with parents and caregivers have far more advanced reading and knowledge retention skills, putting them ahead in the classroom.
  • Choices: Making good choices is a difficult life skill that is easy to introduce in childhood. Offering your child a choice of activities, toys or even food options teaches him to evaluate the options before making a decision. This helps develop reasoning and problem-solving skills. If your child loves baseball, for example, offer a choice between watching a Charlotte Knights baseball match or having a day out in the park with friends playing catch.

If you are looking for more than a day care, a facility that shares your priorities for early childhood development, consider Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Fort Mill. Unlike traditional day care options, we offer the exclusive Brain Waves Curriculum, which is a program designed to provide your child with everything they need to develop their full mental potential.

For more information, please contact us today.

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