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How to Eat Healthy This Year

Posted on 02-02-2017

Some say a well-balanced diet is the key to success. With a full belly and a happy heart, your child will be prepared to thrive in school, excel in extracurricular activities, and stay energized throughout the day. Here are some tips that any parent can use in order to teach children about the importance of a healthy diet.

Eat this, not that: Even the most heroic of supermoms can’t put a perfect meal on the table every time, but it is possible to keep healthy options around the house when your child’s tummy starts to growl. Here are some easy tips to remember:

  • Opt for frozen fruit bars over ice cream
  • Choose pita chips and hummus over salty, cheesy chips
  • Look for vitamin-fortified, low-sugar cereals when at the grocery store

Get creative: If you decide to pack your child’s lunch the night before school or find yourself with extra time in the morning, put a little excitement into their meal! You can use star- or heart-shaped cookie cutters to transform sandwich slices into an enticing work of art. Who said healthy eating couldn’t be fun?

Sweeten things up: For those of you whose children view greens as the enemy, here are two tips to make those veggies seem a little less villainous:

  • Add honey or a dash of cinnamon to sweet potato wedges and roast them for 30 minutes at 375 degrees.
  • Squeeze lemon juice over broccoli or asparagus to counteract any bitterness.

It’s all about balance: At the end of the day, it is important to teach your child that everything is okay in moderation. After a week’s worth of nutritious meals, you both deserve a treat. Head to your local frozen yogurt shop and enjoy some sweet quality time with your child!

Knowledge is power! Help your child reach their full potential by teaching them about nutrition, moderation, and balance. One day they will thank you for these lessons that will benefit them throughout life!

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